Monday, June 6, 2011

S/mileage 2nd Generation Audition Update.

S/mileage 2nd Generation Audition Update.

The auditions are officially underway and if your a fan or not of these auditions, they can`t be stopped and the value of the decision is the devil in the details as they say.

These auditions were a long time in coming in fact Tsunku decided that they would move forward on the night the group won the “Rookie of the Year Award” at the 52nd Japan Record Awards.

When looking at what type girl or girls will be joining the group, Tsunku said the following.

“I’m (looking) for members who seem like they’ll motivate S/mileage and Hello! Project. I might even pull girls from the Eggs. I have been thinking of adding Eggs into S/mileage. Basically, I’m looking for their appeal to the public.”

He went on to add.

That he plans to add at least one, but the door to adding up to six girls to S/mileage after auditions are over is open. “Three or four sub-members, and one or two regular members. “If I add six members, they’ll all be sub-members, but if there’s a girl whose outstanding I’ll make her a main member.”

When it comes to the mind of Tsunku, what he says and means can often be lost in translation, not to mention he is probably the most unpredictable producer in the idol genre today.

Whatever the true motivation for these auditions S/mileage is about to enter for better or worse a new era in their young history.

Future Member ?

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