Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Evening With PASSPO☆

An Evening With PASSPO☆

Enter the wonderful world of PASSPO☆ .As you walk towards the concert house seating area; you notice a large poster with the title on display PASSPO☆. You quickly reach for your tickets and notice a very strange set of wording, instead of seeing “Open” and “Start” times; you see “Boarding” and “Departure.” Lifting your head up from your ticket, you suddenly notice that your not standing in a concert house, instead you have entered PASSPO☆ Airlines and your about to be taken on a magical flight.

You look to your side and see several other passengers, gathered near the “boarding gate“, selecting last minute gifts ,such as PASSPO☆ CDs ,shirts and more.

Before you can board your flight, there are a number of layovers to wait out; in this case, the idols Pre-dia are finishing up, creating some airport traffic.

Suddenly ,you are told to head to the boarding gates ,again you check your flight ticket to make sure you have purchased first class tickets ,with glow sticks and other gifts purchased near the “boarding gate” ,you make your way to your seat.

After chatting with other passengers, the lights on the plane dim and a soft idol like voice is heard speaking “Tonight’s flight on PASSPO☆ Airlines is about to take off. Please fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.”

With that the members of PASSPO☆ suddenly appear, along with the words “PASSPO☆ Take Off” and with that, your flight takes off.

As you fly through the skies, PASSPO☆ tends to your every need. They provide you a meal of slow-tempo pop-rock songs, hard-rock songs, dances, cheers and comforting words.
PASSPO☆ who classify themselves as a girls’ rock group, leave nothing for chance as they guide you to your destination.

For a moment there is a pause, the girls head to the front of the plane, to greet all the passengers.

After a brief chat, the group continues with a flight, that hypnotizes you and every trouble you had that day, vanishes, with fist held high, your voice of support becomes the fuel that the PASSPO☆ flight will travel on.

As this is a long flight, the members of PASSPO☆ break down into smaller units, to entertain the passengers with dance covers.

Because PASSPO☆ Airlines is an international service, the flight takes you to Korea

Before moving on. No long flight is complete with out some comedy films.

At this point, you are about halfway through your flight, and nothing is slowing the flight down.

Sadly with each passing minute, your flight is reaching it`s conclusion not much is left to perform, yet the excitement and power is just the same.

At this point, you are some 18-20 songs into your flight and you are on your final approach, at this point, the group delivers a special gift a brand new song.

As you look out your window, you can see the bright lights of the city as the flight is ending and PASSPO☆ prepare you for the landing.

You have now landed and the flight has lasted 21 songs, both you and PASSPO☆ have completed the flight safely. As you start to leave the airport, your happiness is mixed with an air of sadness that the flight is over .So one last time you check the flight schedule for the next flight . With another flight scheduled tomorrow ,you can leave happily , knowing that you and PASSPO☆ will soon take flight again and you will spend another evening with PASSPO☆


  1. Great post, I wonder, do you think the airline and cabin attendant theme has staying power? Is there a chance that people would consider this a gimmick and their initial succes will peter out? Do you think they'll ever adopt another theme?

  2. @ Tommy ,I think that they will play out this airline theme their entire career .

    If it`s going to hit, it will be much like AKB a slow build then bang.


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