Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SDN48 3rd Generation

SDN48 3rd Generation

This falls under the heading of life is complicated and I just missed this news item.
Recently SDN48 announced their 3rd generation members at Tokyo Dome City Hall.

3rd generation is made up of the following members.

Former AKB48 Team A members Tojima Hana and Komatani Hitomi, models Hayakawa Sayo and Shinahama Saemi .Coming over from Avex are Kojo Seara and miray .The last member is from Korea by the name of Siyeon.

L-R :Hitomi, Hana, Seara, Sayo, Siyeon, miray, Saemi

Kojo Seara
Nickname: Unknown
Birthday: January 10th, 1988
From: Kyoto
Bloodtype: Unknown

Komatani Hitomi
Nickname: Hiichan, Hiipink
Birthday: December 16th, 1988
From: Saitama prefecture
Blood type: O

Shinahama Saemi
Nickname: Saemi-chan, Sae
Birthday: July 20th, 1989
From: Tokyo
Blood type: A

Real name: Jung Siyeon
Birthday: March 11th, 1983
From: South Korea

Tojima Hana
Nickname: Hana-chan
Birthday: July 11th, 1988
From: Saitama prefecture
Blood type: B

Hayakawa Sayo
Nickname: Unknown
Birthday: May 23rd, 1983
From: Fukuoka prefecture
Blood type: AB

Nickname: Unknown
Birthday: July 5th, 1983
From: Osaka
Blood type: AB

In addition, SDN48 member Ninomiya Yuka has left the group to enter theater work.
Tanisaki Tomomi has also left to find a different dream.

My apologies for not posting this sooner.

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  1. Apparently, Siyeon used to be an actress.


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