Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fresh Video: Dorothy Little Happy Demo Sayonara PV

Fresh Video: Dorothy Little Happy Demo Sayonara PV

I am not sure if "Fresh Video" is a new segment or not, however there are just some things that just need to be posted, lol. This is the latest coming out of the loveable Idols from Sendai Dorothy Little Happy .This PV takes us away from their normal concert costumes and into the smiling school girl uniforms.

This video is simple and has a look of being in school with the unit, or a teen drama, but more importantly shows off their vocal style. This unit is one of the better fresh faced vocal units out. Give them a couple of more years they could be a player in the Major battles, if they choose to leave the safety of regional Idol power.

This PV is a must for DLH fans and a good welcoming video for first timers.

Oh one more note ,we have added a new DLH feature blog and twitter translations , be sure to follow Ryo as he takes you deeper into the minds and world of DLH.

You can also follow all  the groups posts through our archives by clicking the Dorothy Little Happy label at the end of the post.

EDIT- Note to self - focus at all times  for you may write song title backwards , title now fixed ,lol

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