Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The New Face Of AKB48; Eguchi Aimi

The New Face Of AKB48; Eguchi Aimi

What happens, when your the Queens of the female Idol genre, and frankly just don`t have a lot of time to push yourself to every network in the country?

Answer- you create the new “it girl” for AKB48.

Please welcome AKB48 newest member and rising star Eguchi Aimi.

Aimi is currently one of the fastest rising members of AKB48, reaching magazine and a lead in a promotional ad before doing her first video or theater live.

So what makes Aimi so special that she may challenge for the center position in the next Senbatsu? , you see Aimi is not real. Just like Dr. Frankenstein, when he had a few free days on his hand, went wild and created his own creation. "Dr". Akimoto has taken bits and pieces of his AKB girls and created the “perfect” idol. After all, if you are going to create the perfect Idol, you already have the perfect idol franchise to take parts from.

AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi who created Aimi , describes her as the reason AKB48 was created to “meet the heroine of the new age”."Dr".Akimoto`s creation  has wasted no time in gaining media popularity by landing a magazine cover and the lead in the Glico candy promotion, of which she was created for.

The possibilities are now endless for AKB48 ; will we see an entire CGI unit? what about CGI auditions? , Will Aimi be allowed in the Senbatsu or even in PV`s? On the other hand, just maybe Watanabe Mayu is really the mastermind behind AKB48 and we will see Cyborg AKB.

Say what you want to about AKB48 , be it for or against this group ,but one thing is for sure ,when it comes to promotions and keeping their franchise name in the media , no other female idol group does it as well as AKB48 .

So until we get Cyborg AKB doing “Ponytail to Shushu II” here is Eguchi Aimi`s debut.




  1. i wonder if she will compete with the vocaloid stars :O... just saying, not going to watch it even if happens

  2. This is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard.
    To create a fake, "perfect" idol.

  3. You can totally tell she has Atsuko Maeda's eyes....

  4. Even perezhilton posted about this.


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