Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fairies: Heavy Pre-Release Promotions

[Updated Sept 7]

Fairies: Heavy Pre-Release Promotions

Most Idol units tend to wait until just before the release date before they hit their heavy promotion phase .Not Fairies, these young women are going into month number three of heavy pre-release promotions. In fact the list of what they are not doing is shorter then what they are doing both as a group and company .It has a feel of an AKB48 blitz promotion. Tokyo is becoming Fairyland.

It really is great to see a new unit put in such active work to get their name out there, of course it helps that they have two major companies funding them, Vision Factory and Avex.

Here is a look at their hard work and a reminder of just how young the genre is getting and why other companies are auditioning younger and younger members to keep up.
[Tip-Pay enough and the same station and show will promote you everyday]

August 31


Performance [Hard to find as Avex, keeps cutting off the sound]

This group is on TV for what seems like everyday .Here is a sample

August 24
If they have to fight out of control fans, they will be ready thanks to their training program. This unit also draws a lot of middle school girl fans .

August 10

July 27
[Lot of dance work with this unit is these girls really 12-13 yrs old and major Idol scolding in dance class is back ]


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