Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nogizaka46: Your Loyalty To Your Oshimen

Nogizaka46: Your Loyalty To Your Oshimen

Nogizaka46 on September 25 will have their first fan event; however, this fan event is unlike any other debut fan event. In this fan event, you will pledge your loyalty to one idol.

The event will be a “member selection event” in which the members will showcase themselves in front of fans, for the chance to become an oshimen. Fans will select one member and one member only to become their oshimen.

In exchange for their pledge of loyalty, the fan will get to shake their oshimen hand and will receive “fan no akashi (proof of being a fan)” card.

The fan no akashi will play a big part in the future operations of Nogizaka46

Fans that are able to attend can fill out an participation application on their web site.

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