Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Idol Spotlight Fresh Faces :Indie Fresh Faces Concert Special Vol 1

“Indie Fresh Faces Concert Special Vol 1”

For this episode of fresh faces Indie Idol spotlight I wanted to do something special and give you the Indie live treatment. Therefore, I have acted as producer/promoter in this case and put together lives from a range of artists to make my own  PIH concert special, lol, what I like to call “Indie Fresh Faces Concert Special Vol 1”

So get your glow sticks, your free tickets and come with me as I take you to the live houses of Japan’s underground Idols. In Indie lives, you often have between 5-10 acts performing in one night. The smaller the number of groups the more songs they play, these groups often perform about five songs each or a 2-3 hr block of rented time total for all groups. Some shows groups have a staggered number of songs that grows larger the higher up the show you are listed to 8-10 songs.

For this special post I have selected seven groups from across Japan that we have not done a full feature on or they had just a little preview. I have arranged the groups in my own promoter’s hat order in a way to give you a feel of a live event with an opener up to a headline host, so please watch each group in order to get the full live experience, lol.

Indie Fresh Faces Concert Special Vol 1
Line Up
1. Barbie Lips
2. Pastel Color
3. Mari7
3B. Himekyun Fruit Can [Special Guest]
3C. VIC: CESS [Special Guest]
4. Csli

Fresh Faces: Indie Fresh Faces Concert Special Vol 1
Opening Act

Barbie Lips 


Enter MC from Osaka
Please Welcome To the Stage

Pastel Color [They do a mix of own works and covers, standard Indie style live set]

Enter MC
Please Welcome To the Stage Soloist

There is a brief break as the MC asks the crowd to look at the video screen.

We would now like to present a video by Himekyun Fruit Can ,who due to a scheduling issue was not able to attend .So they sent the following PV

The MC presents a PV by VIC: CESS who due to a scheduling issue was not able to attend

Please welcome to the Stage Tonight’s First Co-Headline unit


[they do mostly 48`s,H!P ,KARA, and other Major units covers as they don`t have much own stuff yet ,changes each live .This live it`s 48`s songs] They do a good job on their covers.

[Units without a fulltime songwriter do mostly cover sets as they are D.I.Y. Idols and everything is run by the group from song selections to making costumes to sale of tickets. They take what they can afford and make to sale and do their best ,until a label picks them up.]

Enter MC
Please welcome to the Stage Tonight’s Second Co-Headline unit

[One of those things Csli set is longer , but SKETCH has an encore ,so split bill,lol]

Footnote -By the way this is Csli own song that they sell at lives

Thanks for coming with me for the Indie Fresh Faces Concert Special Vol 1 Debut Show ,more will come in the future .

Also coming soon PIH`s Indie Idol Celebration. IIC or whatever it`s official name will be, with any luck will top anything we have ever presented to date on PIH.


  1. Nice line up.I liked SKETCH,had an interesting sound,Csli I liked the vocals,Mari7 has a great voice,can't be easy as a soloist though.Groups get to share the highs and lows,and that must help.

  2. @ Neil, This was a lot of fun for me to do, I plan more of these posts in the future .All kinds of things large, and small .SKETCH is good, Csli good bunch of girls, but with only one single and doing many covers foreign fans, may not support them. They are doing the best they can with what they have to work with and just need a break and some understanding.

    These multi act lives that I mentioned, the groups share the ticket sales so the crowds are mixed fans. When you do a one-man [solo group] live is when you earn your most revenue .These multi group live is great when you have a small fan base to build more fans.


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