Sunday, September 4, 2011

Morning Musume Double A-Side PV`s

Morning Musume Double A-Side PV`s

The staff of Morning Musume earlier uploaded a 10 minute double PV for Takahashi Ai`s last single. I first had this long review of my views on the two singles, but after reading an interview Ai gave about how she had a part in everything about this final stage of her idol life, I deleted it, lol as Ai-chan made me change it.

You see Ai got her way at last and became boss; she had a lot of influence in not only the videos, but also the concert tour clothing, concept and song selection. Ai wanted this to be a celebration of happiness and not sadness.

As a result Ai leaves with what maybe the best songs in sometime for Morning Musume .As to the videos, I actually like the CGI work in the second single more then the first. Single #2 has just the right amount, plus Sayu has a big role in the song and Ai`s influences in the video is clearly found, now knowing the background story.

My only regret is that I wished that Ai had been given these last few years the tools needed to compete fairly and defend the crown that Morning Musume fought so hard to achieve.

Nevertheless, in all music, nothing lasts forever and Ai has managed to hold the unit from sliding into the history books of former units.

Now Ai is setting off for new dreams and turning over the group to Risa and Sayu to help reload the unit for the future. I am not sad that Ai is graduating, Abe Natsumi ended the idea of being sad when an idol leaves and now it`s just business. However, I will say this, there is a part of me that will miss her as an idol, but even a bigger part of me is thankful for the years she gave as an idol.


  1. they are amazing. Love the video.

  2. Ai will really be missed =(

    she is just so lovely and sweet, and truly a talented idol.

    I agree with you, the CGI for the second PV was a lot better than the first.

    As much as I love seeing the girls sparkling like they do in animes, the CGI for the first PV was a bit too much =S


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