Friday, September 9, 2011

Idol Movie

Idol Movie

This is the dream of any fan, take idols from several units and put them in one movie.

Universal is releasing an idol cast movie called “Cheerfu11y” .The leads are Kikkawa Yuu and Hayami Akari .The support cast is made up of Passpo☆ members Tamai Anna, Anzai Naomi, Sakuma Kaho, and Mori Shiori. Up-Up Girls` Furukawa Kontasu and Mori Saki .From the Possible Akiyama Yurika and Goto Yuki and Canary Club’s Niwa Mikiho .Now all we need is Tsunku as director ,lol.

The movie is about these 11 girls and a broken statue .In order for the girls to pay for the damages they enter a cheerleading competition.

This is shades of the 80`s era idol genre, when idols from several agencies were cast in the same dramas.

Trailer below


  1. So happy Akari is one of the leads for this that girl deserved this. Also yay Tsunku keep pushing Yuu and I wish this had Miomio.

  2. So if Akari's not leaving show biz, why did she leave Momoclo?

  3. @dymchurch -Akari was never going to leave the business, she was an actress/model, before and during her time in Clover .She left Clover because of a personal issue that was making her unhappy.

    After she left Clover, she went back to doing modeling and acting and guest spots in people's music videos.


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