Friday, September 2, 2011

H!P :HPT And KY Erina Oha Special

H!P :HPT And KY Erina Oha Special

On HPT, we get to say goodbye to Saki one more time , S/mileage 2nd Gen ,9th Gen madness and a peak at the 10th gen auditions for Morning Musume.

With S/mileage having graduations and auditions they will never be the same again. For new idol fans who have not walked with H!P from the day the agency was created , change is something you have to be prepared for at all times with H!P.

S/mileage 2nd Gen members by the way each video look like they have been in the group for years then a few days . I fully expect they all will be promoted after the fall tour ,just as the 10,000 smiles launched the group. 2nd Gen after the makeup girls had their hands on them , really show just how cute they are . You can say what you want about Tsunku songs at times , but the man has an eye for idol cuteness. Just look at how beautiful everyone has grown up to be that has been employed by H!P.

KY madness is running wild this week as she and her 9th Gen sisters tear up Hawaii in their first trip to the island.

From the looks of things 10th Gen not counting any hidden Eggs are going to be very young .Musume is in full reload time ,at this rate they soon will be the same age as S/mileage

On Oha it was full speed ahead for the KY Idol as she was the solo Oha girl this episode. If H!P wants to bring back the anime idol ,our loveable KY would be a great choice.

Funny thing about Erina as an Oha girl she is more Pon then KY . Very talented idol she is.


Erina Oha Special

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  1. Possible Morning Musume 10th Gen

    It maybe hard to tell but in the small clips you can see Miyazaki Yuka [S/mileage finalist], Kudou Haruka, Fuji Rio. There are 50 girls in this third and final stage so just how many Eggs, fresh faces, S/mileage audition crossovers remains to be seen.


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