Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Morning Musume 10th Gen Training Camp

 Morning Musume 10th Gen Training Camp

Trying to out run a coming Typhoon and get a few posts on site. Still not feeling all that well yet, however show must go on as they say.

This is a subbed version of the 10th gen, training camp .A great bunch of subbers have taken on the duty of subbing HPT. Give them a word of thanks on You Tube.

In the episode you get to see, just how being an idol is not a game. I know that Tsunku is obsessed with finding a replacement for Aichan, not sure, he is looking in the right place, try 9th gen a little girl from Hiroshima.

Tsunku did hint at maybe taking all 10 and making Morning Musume 18 members. Sayu would love that, more playtime dates for Sayu, lol.

I am not sure we will see all 10, but 4 could be possible, but with H!P one thing we know is we don`t really know until we know.

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