Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dorothy Little Happy In Concert

Dorothy Little Happy In Concert

Ah the PIH`s staff loves of Sendai are back

On the 25th DLH held a live two hour concert broadcast on USTREAM  , that saw DLH  bring out their very best  minus their back dancers .

The concert itself maybe their finest to date ,DLH  has always been a free spirited bunch , however since their appearance at TIF 2011 a lot of time and energy has been devoted to making a name for themselves in Tokyo and with that their charm and performances  have an sharper edge to them.

High points in this 15 song and something like 7 MC   , 3-costume change concert are many from the concert, DLH relationship with their wotas who they just love and work hard to involve them in their lives from leading chants and arm movements to air volleyball with them.

Around the half hour mark, the members have a costume change solo member MC. What this is the members one by one have their own comedy filled MCs .It`s a personal idol to wota MC. The ending of the concert had a special bonding song between DLH and their fans that brings the night to a full circle and perfect closure with DLH and wotas singing together.

The staff of PIH has seen or been to many DLH lives and can honestly say with this live DLH are at their all-time best right now.

If your a fan of DLH or have never seen them at all  ,you should take two hours out of  day today ,while the broadcast remains active and enjoy this hard working group out of Sendai .  This may have been the most fun for me live to experience yet from DLH .

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