Saturday, September 10, 2011

S/mileage Down One Member

S/mileage Down One Member

You never like to see an Idol have to leave a unit, especially one that has just started her career. S/mileage has announced that due to a serious health condition Kosuga Fuyuka has had to withdraw from S/mileage.

Here is the official announcement that was posted on their web site

    “Thank you for always supporting S/mileage. Due to S/mileage sub-member Kosuga Fuyuka’s poor health being brought to our attention, she underwent a careful examination at a hospital. According to the results of the exam, it was discovered that she has a problem with her blood composition. Due to her severe anemia, she must refrain from exercise and must undergo medical treatment for several months.

    It is truly unfortunate, but her activities as an S/mileage sub-member will be cancelled for now, and she will focus on her treatment regimen. After she has completes treatment and her health returns to normal, we plan to have her start again as a member of Hello! Pro Egg.

Tsunku also added some comments on the situation

“What I was able to say to her was, ‘Please don’t over-do it, and devote yourself to your recuperation.’ When I asked her, ‘After your full recovery, you would be able to continue your lessons as a member of Hello! Pro Egg, but what would you like to do?” she replied, ‘I want to quickly get better and start over again as an Egg.’

She is still young, so I would like her to quickly regain her health and start again as an Egg with her wonderful smile.

The newly reborn S/mileage will go forward with the three original members and four sub-members. Everyone, please cheer for the girls!”

Health issues are taken very serious in Japan and when it comes to an idol, there is great concern and caring by fans of the groups and that of the idol.
Everyone even if your not an H!P fan  offer your support in your own way for Fuyuka and hope that she can return to being an idol someday.

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