Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mecha Mecha Idol Special

Mecha Mecha Idol Special

This special opening feels like the Olympics for Idols, and for fans of shows with a lot of idols you could not be happier with this program.

Idoling!!! , Berryz Koubou, S/mileage, SDN48, Passpo☆, and more are here ,in fact there are more idol legs here then a hardcore wota can stand lol.

Key points of the show
We have a Berryz beaten up in the name of comedy [will not spoil it by saying who].

The show barely gets started before S/mileage takes the gloves off and starts a near battle with their elders, and then SDN48 throws down the lingerie so to speak as the idols of sexiness declare the throne that S/mileage and others seek.

In part three Passpo☆ and SUPER☆GiRLS get into a heated after game fight.

In the end, only one group will get to promote their song at battles end.

Idol fans, get your glow sticks, member color towels and wave them proudly as the battle has started and young S/mileage and others have come to battle and aim to win.

Idols on Show

* S/mileage
* Berryz Koubou
* Idoling!!!
* Nakano Fujo Sisters
* SDN48
* Ebisu Muscats

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