Saturday, September 3, 2011

AKB48, NMB48 Roster Changes

AKB48, NMB48 Roster Changes

Change is in the air and it`s not good. AKB48 and NMB48 have seen some changes made to their rosters.

Oba Mina

Mina has developed a good rap sheet of violating the seven golden rules of an idol contract. Mina has collected underage drinking, possible compensated dating references in her blog [Enjo Kosai] [much more serious then what AKBN 0 is doing], which may involve another member.

She however did not get the thank you for playing at being an idol release; Mina has “voluntarily” gone on suspension and has resigned as leader of Team 4. Based on released statements she requested to management to be suspended, so that she could reflect on her actions.

The fact that she was not fired leads me to believe that the compensated dating allegations were not true.

Mori Anna

Anna originally got in trouble for keeping in touch with her pre-idol boyfriend on her blog. However, she is officially leaving AKB48 due to a lower back problem.

Aki-P has offered publicly to welcome her back should she recover from her back problems

Shimada Rena

Rena has been caught in the aftereffects of pre-idol dating as purikura photos surfaced of her kissing a former boyfriend. The agency at first planned to do nothing, as pre-idol penalties do not apply to the seven golden rule contract. However, a small group of jilted wotas would not let the situation end and continued to create issues for Rena.

Rena also turned to the “voluntarily” suspension path until likely the end of the year [most likely a move by management to let this blow over, as she has not broken current contract rules].

Change is hard in this industry and I never like to see an idols career end early for any reason and wish Anna well in the future, who knows there maybe an Indie unit with a spot open in her hometown, that Anna can start over in or maybe one day she will make a rested return to AKB48. Back issues are hard to deal with as our own PIH reporter Ryo is battling with. I hope that she makes a full recovery and can return as an idol.

Given the situation fans of AKB48 and NMB48, this is the best outcome possible. As these members were not high profile members yet, little to no media fallout will happen and only dedicated idol fans would even know who these idols are .So management can put a bandage on them, let the wounds heal and bring them back like it never happened.

For Mina and Rena the term voluntary is open for interpretation; however Aki-P sees them as having value and I believe they will return in a few months as much stronger idols.


  1. Poor girls,
    I really feel for them.

    They have such a tremendous amount of pressure on them, it seems sad to me that people aren't prepared to cut them a break.
    I know that people might say, "well, they know the rules."
    But they're such young kids really, and let's face it everyone makes mistakes at that age.

    The case of Rena particularly annoys me because it was pre-NMB days and 'fans' wouldn't let it go.

    I'm sure most people on here think the same, but to those who don't let's give the girls a break.

    I hope Rena and Mina return soon at full strength and with full support!
    And I hope that por Mori-chan get's better soon and if she so desires is welcomed back into the AKB fold with full support and best wishes!!!

  2. Just wonder what are all the seven golden rule contract?

  3. @ Anonymous -The first time I was made aware of them was when Aki-P created them for Onyanko Club .They are little different for every agency, for example Onyanko Club in the mid 80`s was the following.

    The seven “Golden Rules” for Onyanko Club. 1. Going to discos is forbidden.2. Writing your personal signature is forbidden [unless it is on merchandise to be sold that is].3. No drinking or smoking. 4. No boyfriends.5. When you go to the beach, you must have a guardian with you. 6. School first.7. No flashy outfits or heavy make-up.

    In other words you cannot have any life other then school and Onyanko Club.

    # 7 is subjective as times and fashion styles change, but more or less don`t dress in anything that would create a public scandal.

    Each agency will have the 7 they feel are the most troublesome for them which are in place so that the idol will not bring shame to her or the agency.


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