Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tsunku and Indie Idols Week 12

Tsunku and Indie Idols Week 12

Sorry for the lateness of this as I am currently not feeling well.

This week Tsunku brings in more groups to sing for his pleasure or scout for Aichan`s replacement as this show is feeling more and more like a giant audition.

We have the H!P guest ,Afilia intimidated by the size of one Possible member and the weekly required Possible promotions.

More or less it`s the same thing we have seen for the last 11 episodes. As entertaining as it is to see Indies on a national stage ,there is a lot to be said about AKB48 having a TV/Music producer as boss. Will somebody fire a Dodgeball or a pie at somebody once please ,lol.


  1. Typhoon in Tokyo today, likely will not post much today as I still have bronchitis to get over.

  2. Hope everyone is ok,typhoon Roke heading through North East Tokyo,and up to damaged Tohoku reagon.Be safe everyone,and avoid swollen rivers.I guess people living near them cant avoid travelling home,or just going to take a look,maybe video the event,but with 200kph winds it's not worth the risk.

  3. @ Neil, Most of the power is back on in the Tokyo region .Things turned out mostly ok .Lot of wind and rain .The rivers are taking on water ,so some flooding is still possible.

    I am hoping to feel well enough today to catch up on Idol news ,I rally need a big staff in times like this ,lol. The genre is too big for one person to cover now.

    Everyday more groups are starting up. Seems like every girl in Japan wants to be an idol.


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