Friday, September 9, 2011

Morning Musume 10th Generation Final Ten

10th Generation Final Ten

The Morning Musume 10th generation auditions is down to the final ten and four of the ten have past non H!P experience of some kind including being a backing dancer for Dorothy Little Happy and one is an Egg.

The final ten are
Kudou Haruka [11[current H!P Egg] ,
Iikubo Haruna [16] , currently is an actress /model
Sato Masaki [12] ,her mom is a Musume wota . Has past industry work
Tashima Meru [11] ,she is raw and going into this with no skill training at all [I expect her to be an Egg] ,
Oogami Hinako [self claimed H!P wota] .
Miyagi Ayumi [11] she is a 6 yr dance school veteran .
Miwa Satsuki [12] was in the 9th gen auditions
Tanaka Fuuka [12] entered dance school at are 6 .[Post Edit -Is also a Dorothy Little Happy Back Dancer ,name just slipped through my fingers ,sorry DLH Fans ]. 
Murakami Sara [13] Sara like Meru has no past vocal training ,yet is a natural singer .Has past industry work
Ishida Ayumi [14] is a member of a Sendai based Indie Idol unit and backing dancer for Dorothy Little Happy and lastly Murakami Sara [13] .

Note -Has past Industry work = [Indie Idol, model, actress ]

Currently the wotas are supporting Haruka ,Haruna and Ishida Ayumi and Meru coming in 4th .

Sara I believe will appeal more to Western fans and that does not always translate well here domestically . However, Sara is an untrained natural singer and this could be an edge for her .

Ayumi`s background is with two units and is a clear choice for membership . Her main unit

As they are from the same company ,she serves as back dancer for Dorothy Little Happy.

Just how trained are the members and backing members of Dorothy Little Happy and why Ayumi would be the best choice as one of the members .

However, as we know from past experiences the clear choice is not always the one that H!P makes . With such a talented field ,it will be hard for Morning Musume not to have their future front girls grow stronger from this audition .Don`t fool yourself here ,Morning Musume is not auditioning for today , but for when the main girls graduate .Morning Musume is reloading to face the younger up and coming fresh faced idol units ,not to battle AKB48.

EDIT- I went back and double checked DLH roster hours after posting , because something was not letting this post rest and I am glad that I did .Tanaka Fuuka is also listed as a back dancer for DLH.


  1. Fuuka and Ayumi are my favorites to join because they are from team DLH :D

  2. You know , all evening I felt that I was missing something in this post and first chanced I rechecked DLH roster and Tanaka Fuuka is also a member of DLH backing dancers.

  3. You must be right about Sara appealing more to the western crowd, because she is my favorite.


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