Monday, September 5, 2011

NMB48: Down Two More

NMB48: Down Two More

Well it`s not often that you see member after member from a group go on “voluntary” suspension. NMB48 members Matsuda Shiori and Yoshida Akari have added their name to a growing list of 48`s stopping activities.

Matsuda -Said the reason she asked to be suspended was that, in her words “I began to think, ‘Until now I’ve been busy with work every day, but are my own behaviors living up to all my fans’ expectations?’ and ‘Is this really okay with me?’ These insecure feelings made me feel uneasy about continuing my NMB48 activities; I felt that I needed time to look over myself once more.”

She asked for fans to watch over her, until she makes her return.

Yoshida -Seems to be going through something that has been a part of my life at times, and anyone who performs music or anything in front of crowds for a living.

Yoshida-I have been having some doubts and anxieties within myself, and I felt as if I would not be able to face my NMB48 activities… Since I have never regretted becoming part of NMB48 and I – of course – love NMB48, I will be taking a break. I’d like to take a look at myself once more and come back with my original intentions.”

If it is the medical version of anxiety issues, I wish her the best in a speedy recovery, if it`s the classic, is this the right thing for me .Then I am glad that Aki-P talked to her and Matsuda as well and they didn`t make a rush choice to end idol life.

However, in saying that, at the very early stages of AKB48 and other big member units, there was a certain stage of the weak spirited members walking away, leaving the most dedicated to carry on.

I am not going to say that is what is happening only lets hope they find what is missing in their hearts and come back to the stage soon.

Footnote - There is another possible reason for the suspensions and more maybe coming from a really stupid move, between the girls and wotas in an unscheduled fan event.
I didn`t include this, as it has not 100% been proven the hotel event happened and simply reporting the official version as released at this time.

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