Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fresh Faces; Coming Soon: ChocoLe

Fresh Faces; Coming Soon: ChocoLe

In December another idol unit will make it`s debut under Watanabe Entertainment/Avex Trax. This Avex group will be named ChocoLe.

ChocoLe is made up of entertainment veterans and all aged 14. The members are

Leader- Hashimoto Kaede [#21 in Idoling!!! , Secret Girls member [unit made for a online drama]
Takahashi Kurumi [Gravure Idol]
Tamagawa Ramu [Model]

The groups name was selected to express the sweetness of milk chocolate, and the bitterness of being an adult.

Their debut song “Milk Chocolate“, has been picked up as the ending theme song to the anime, “SKET DANCE“, that will air this October.

Hashimoto had these comments for the media -We will do our best to become a group that will be loved by people for a long time — a group that can give energy to people.”

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  1. Interesting! Let's wait for a song preview..


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