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dempagumi.Inc: More Moe Love

dempagumi.Inc: More Moe Love

dempagumi.Inc [not -Tenpa as some outlets printed] is another cafe idol unit, which is making a name for themselves in Akihabara and are set to make their mark on hopefully a larger scale.

dempagumi.Inc, the brainchild of Moe Japan and members of the Akihabara Live & Bar Dear Stage cafe are making a move to a sub label of TOY`S FACTORY [Known for Mr. Children and more] called MEME TOKYO.

Their first release under MEME TOKYO will be November 16 and will be called "Future Driver".

dempagumi.Inc is a group that is hard not to like, with looks right out of an anime and creative costumes, this unit is the flag wavers for the idea of idol moe.

dempagumi.Inc is made up of some interesting members, each one bringing their own style and cuteness as well as Akihabara charm.

The members are
Aizawa Risa -Risa is the group’s artist and manga reader.

Furukawa Mirin -Mirin, Mirin is an idol that is hard to describe, simply because she loves video games so much, that her wish is to marry her computer, just so she can play games all day.

Mirin is the member you most likely will track down at an Akihabara arcade .This kindhearted idol is a world of fun, so much, so that she just may play a game with you, if your paths cross in an arcade.

Yumemi Nemu -Nemu is sleepy idol .When sleepy is awake she can be found acting as the groups D.J., Flamingo dancer and Ustream talk show host.

Naruse Emi -Emi is the groups self declared Ohtaku and really that is about all it is to her, lol.

Atobe-Miu -Life is hard sometimes being a goddess .You see there is just one thing you need to know about Miu ,she is this units version of Sayumi . Ultimate cuteness and loves pink ,what more needs to be said ,lol.

These underground idols, like all the idols that have been featured on PIH, make up of a part of the very large portion of the heart this genre. Idol genre is not mainly about the 48`s and H!P`s of the world ,they are the exceptions. Idol genre`s heart and main pool of talent has always been the Indie and Underground scene . The little known or cared about by major media Idols that bring happiness and entertainment at the end of a stressful workday. The 100`s of groups carving out a profitable place ,in their own terms away from the bright lights of the big stages.

A video look at these up and coming idols

Feature look at this unit ,and their home base


NOTE - I hit the wrong key , the name is dempagumi , not denpagumi ,I have now fixed it .Thanks ,Shura .


For those who asked by mail- they are not a vocaloid group ,they are an Idol genre Pop Group.

June 04,2012 Update


  1. is denpagumi or dempagumi? i still can't decide because i read denpagumi all the time but their web says is dempagumi... this is a srs prblm =D

  2. @ Shura ,Ah ,it`s a error on my part it`s dempagumi . My mistake .

    I am not feeling well today , so my eyes are not focusing well ,thought I hit M ,lol .Thanks for catching it .I`ll fix it.

  3. @ Shura -Stage Diving Indie Idols [Not related to post]

  4. @ Shura -Stage Diving Indie Idols [Not related to post]

    NICE :D

  5. wow awesome cover thank u very much. See I always watched vids of them but wanted 2 know a lil more about the members. Again thank u

    Gosh all the members sound so amazing !!! I really want 2 get 2 know more about Mirin shes adorable and a gamer??? 2 awesome. Also Miu caught my attention....I really like the princess type of idols. I'm wondering though does she have an attitude like Sayu ? I hope she does lol.

  6. @ Shura that stage diving group is called Pureful,
    Their company groups

    @ Kiryu like Sayu as in #1 cute member ,not so much the attitude as there can only be one Sayu in Japan , it`s her rule ,lol.


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