Monday, February 28, 2011

Takahashi Ai and Michishige Sayumi - Thoughts and Fears

(Something quick and short from the news.)

In Tokyo, Morning Musume's Michishige Sayumi was part of a handshake event in conjunction with the release of concert photobook "Rival Survival". Leader Takahashi Ai was also present and commented on the photobook, which commemorates the last tour with the alreaedy graduated members Kamei Eri, Jun JUn and Lin Lin, by saying that those memories still drives her to tears. Takahashi who is also going graduate this year and perhaps beginning lessons to work on theatres, commented that Morning Musume has changed. Regarding the current surge of idol groups in the market, Takahashi said that Morning Musume have been giving the public a breath of fresh air by constantly changing its members, and due the support of everyone Morning Musume was able to continue for 10 years even though the initial members are not there anymore. Finally she also said that "the addition of 9th generation members brings our average age to 17 and opens up to a lot more opportunities".

On the other hand, Michishige commented on the formation of "rival" Dream Morning Musume, with her usual knife-edge commenting, by saying that it was scary. And because there are members in the DMM group that have an age difference that is equivalent to a mother and her daughter, it sends a shiver down to her spine.


  1. lol sayu xD

    really hope sayu will become the subleader :o

  2. you know, part of me wonders how many of their public comments are scripted by their agency.... you know?

  3. well, it seems strange to me that Musume view their predecessors in DMM as their main rival, instead of AKB48.

    Is helloproject really scared to go head-to-head with the current big guns, that they prefer to have rivalry from within their umbrella instead?

    just a thought...

  4. ^
    Hm thats true...

    I guess akb is out of their league... for now at least. I don't see MM being able to fight AKB until at least next year when AKB fever has died down a bit.


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