Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hirajima Natsumi & Yonezawa Rumi Leave AKB48

Oh boy, were to begin and how much should I say would best describe this post.

Hirajima Natsumi & Yonezawa Rumi are leaving AKB48 effective immediately, for idol contract rules violations.  Basically it comes down to this, wotas discovered that Yonezawa had a private twitter account and another site, where she talked about dating, friends with benefits relationships, co-ed sleepover photos. This resulted in the discovery of Hirajima having a private twitter account and more photos with Natsumi being involved with a boy.

This resulted in 24 hrs. of hate messages, posted anonymous threats to all the 48 groups, their places of work for being “unfaithful” idols. As a result both Hirajima Natsumi & Yonezawa Rumi have givin their resignations.

Natsumi sent out an official announcement, apologizing to fans for causing everyone trouble.
Natsumi went on to tell the fans, staff and everyone involved with AKB48 that she is truly sorry and hopes to one day receive the support of the fans again.

  Yonezawa Rumi like Natsumi also gave a resignation release and like Natsumi, Rumi also apologized for causing trouble.

Being an idol and not doing anything to damage your image is a standard rule .What we see on TV or on stage is not often what really is. Onyanko Club members have in their post idol careers admitted that in their time as a group the members had boyfriends and generally it was a matter of not getting caught by media and fans. It is times like these when you can`t help but to think is your favorite idol next.

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