Friday, July 8, 2011

Houkago Princess: Idols You Can Dress Up

Houkago Princess Idols You Can Dress Up

Out of Ikebukuro, Tokyo comes the newest theater idol unit Houkago Princess [HouPri] .The first thing that sets HouPri apart from all other idol units is that fans will be able to pick the groups live stage  outfits .For wotas this means they now have living dress up dolls.

The second thing that sets them apart is that they are a true grassroots Indie Idol unit .Their operating staff will work with others to produce their outfits ,music ,dance, voice training and internet work without the support of a name agency.

The third thing is that the girls themselves will seek advice from their fans by holding theater style town hall meetings.

HouPri is made up of the following members: Student council president [their term for leader] – Odagiri Nana (21), Chiba Sakino (20), Miyashita Mayuka (18), Kishitani Yuki (16), Yamaguchi Mai (16), Noda Hitomi (15), and Yumeka (14).

Their theater is scheduled open in Ikebukuro in August and they will release their debut single on August 3, supported by a debut live at Shinseido in Ogikubo, Tokyo.

Their debut single will be called “Houkago Princess ~ Oshiete Kudasai! The coupling tracks will be called “Sukidayo (Egao)” and “Ichigo Ichie“.

The group`s official media activates have already started, links to these events are on their HP


Member Introductions

Nana [She is just so cute how can she not be an fan favorite]










  1. wat does Indies mean?

  2. Mayuka is ridiculously adorable.

  3. Being an Indie just means that the artist is independent of the influences of major commercial record labels or their subsidiaries.

    Artists on Indie record labels have a lot more overall creative control on the image of the group, the songs they sing or write and how they want to promote themselves and get a bigger share of overall profits.”

    Some Indies don`t have an agency or even managers, they do everything themselves and keep 100% of the profits.

    It`s freedom to control your own music career .

  4. Damn, this looks so cool. I wish I lived in Japan...
    I've seen some pretty successful indie bands from other countries. Some are big enough to have their CD's sold in stores, and hold really big concerts, record their own DVD's, etc...
    I don't know if this would be possible in Japan, but you can definitely be big while still being independent.

    I think I like Sakino the best.
    Nana looks so much younger than she is.

  5. that song sounds so similar to ske48 red team - seishun wa hazukashii


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