Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goodbye Linlin: Linlin Returns Home

Goodbye Linlin: Linlin Returns Home

Forgive me for not mentioning this news earlier tonight, I had my own events to attend to and was not able to focus on other things.

Linlin has returned to China, she left one last post; it was a poem that expressed her feelings and thanks to everyone.

Current Morning Musume leader Takahashi Ai and JunJun went to the airport with her to see her off.

Some of her fans have mentioned that she made a blog comment of joining a company in China; I have not seen this comment, so I do not know if it is true. Linlin was a growing child actress in China before joining Morning Musume, so there is a chance that she will return to that line of work.

Nothing official has been announced about her new career, so with that, I think it`s best that Linlin herself says goodbye.

Here is her possible final blog post with her current agency.

My Sky

The road I always walked
That shop where I always ate
The scenery that I always watched
The people that I always encountered
The room that I always inhabited
Everyone who always, always loved Linlin...
Starting today, the usual “always” changes, a new life begins...
Please don't be sad, Linlin is not separated from everyone
She has just begun a trip
Facing the future, a new journey, not knowing what will happen along this road, it may take some time, but Linlin will certainly work hard in order to come back
Getting up early in the morning just to see me off, Aichan, Staff-san, the fans...
I'm very deeply moved
In my mind, our eternal memories, our eternal bond
Linlin is truly happy
I love everyone
Because this is our home, no matter how far apart we are, Linlin feels that she's with everyone, that everyone is always, always next to her
You could say that
If I am a cloud
everyone is the sky
It's like we end up not being able to see each other in the rain,
we end up not being able to find each other in the typhoon,
but the sky, in order for the cloud to be able to return at any time, with an unchanging appearance, has been waiting all along
Even if we become separated for whatever reason, surely a sunny day will come, and then we will reunite in a shinier future
Well then, cloudLinlin will go [and come back]...
Thank you for becoming Linlin's sky
I love you


Goodbye Linlin, thank you for everything you brought to Morning Musume.


  1. Bye Linlin, Ill miss you

    no one will ever forget you, youve done soo much in Japan, I should be happy not sad for you

  2. LINLIN!!! I hope you become the big star you are in china. I will miss you dearly. and your humor.


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