Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Afilia Saga East: "Knee High Egoist" Mini Preview

Afilia Saga East: "Knee High Egoist" Mini Preview

Afilia Saga East has a mini preview of their new single on their Nico Nico account. Afilia comes with new costumes, video fan service shots and a lot more. Cost wise the video gives off a feeling that the costumes cost more then the background ,still the girls find a way to bring out their charm and cuteness that ASE are known for.

This is one time, when the song and costumes are better then the finished video.

"Knee High Egoist" Mini Preview

If you wish to turn off the text running across the video, click the icon next to the volume that looks like this [---], that will turn off the text.

Be sure to check out their other videos, listed below the video preview.

For anyone who can`t use Nico Nico

[Thank`s Shura for the video tip]

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  1. the video is now on the 5pb youtube account http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6A_jOYWAF4 is the same... lol the set for the video is fail but the close shots are so much win

  2. Thanks I will update it ,with that one as well.

  3. Can't wait for this.
    No Yucafin moments on the preview... no spoilers for me.
    I'm thinking the short girl is the most popular with fans.

  4. lebird, she is their self-declared official mascot and panda otaku.

  5. based on the fans screams on that Tokyo Idol Festival interview i think Kurumi is the most popular


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