Friday, March 16, 2012

#9 Smile ☆Pocket (スマイル☆ポッケト)

Smile☆Pocket is a 5 member idol group. There isn't much information on them as far as singles are concerned. They do lots of lives and blogging. I think their having auditions (A member just left). Other than Seishun Fruit Ore, I can't find anymore video's on Smile☆Pocket, so sorry guys!

Offical Website


Ayaka Yanagisawa 
Nickname: Ayan
Offical Blog 

Akane Hoshino 
Nickname: Akanen
Offical Blog

Michizuki Rie
Nickname: Riepon
Offical Blog 

Okamoto Yurina
Nickname: Yurinyan
Offical Blog 

Nagisa Sakae 
Nickname: Saechi
Offical Blog 

Seishun Fruit Ore

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