Monday, October 4, 2010

The 48`s vs. Morning Musume: It`s On!

The 48`s vs. Morning Musume: It`s On!

With so many idol groups out today, this was going to happen at some point .It happens regularly in the Independent ranks, so we shouldn’t be surprised that it`s about to happen with the female idol genre`s super powers.

What am I talking about you ask? Morning Musume by chance or strategic plan from the 48`s master mind Akimoto Yasushi find themselves releasing not one but two singles on the same day against the 48`s ,one is against AKB48 and one is against SKE48 , both by the way outsold Morning Musume`s 43rd single by wide margins in the last single cycle.

Battle #1

October 27,
Muten Musume will release “Appare Kaiten Zushi”
AKB48 will release the most  highly talked about,  eagerly awaited single this cycle “beginner”.

Morning Musume has lost this battle before it has even started, as of Saturday AKB48 has both “Ponytail to Shushu” and “Heavy Rotation” still charting on Oricon at 29th and 7th. “Ponytail” has sold 640,279 “Heavy Rotation” 653,576

So enter SKE48.

Battle #2
Nov 17
Hours ago SKE48 announced that their 4th single “1, 2, 3, 4, Yoroshiku” will be released on November 17th, the same date as Morning Musume`s 44th single “"Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game".

Again on paper the advantage goes to SKE48 .SKE48 3rd single “Gomen ne Summer” sold 92,645, compared to Morning Musume`s Seishun Collection at 40,865.

Morning Musume finds themselves in a no win situation in terms of release dates ,if they change dates ,the industry will view Morning Musume as running from not one, but two groups their junior in experience .This battle is one that Morning Musume from a fan base may not be prepared to wage . Yet they have no other choice but to fight.

Early signs are pointing to a wota battle between Morning Musume and SKE48. There are messages in the wota community of preparations and AKB48 fan support for SKE48 is likely.

The idol industry has known for sometime that this day was going to come. With the announcement that the 48`s are releasing on the same day as Morning Musume, the excitement about who will make Morning Musume`s 9th generation, is no longer important for now. Idol and wota pride is.

Of the two battles, I think Morning Musume has the best chance of winning against SKE48, which is why their fan bases have already started their fan message attacks and buying plans.

October and November will be filled with idol and wota pride, will the industry grow stronger from this? Yes, the only question is how prepared both sides agencies are to push the benefits of any good results into stronger results for their agency,group and the genre in the future.

Will Morning Musume defeat SKE48 or will the youngsters hold on to the position of #2 idol group behind AKB48?

November 17, the battle is on!

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