Friday, October 22, 2010

SDN48 Debut Single GAGAGA!

SDN48 debut single GAGAGA! PV is now out.

GAGAGA! Features the group in a multi costume and set PV that has a little touch of KPOP video shooting, without loosing the specialness of Idol JPOP.

I was actually hoping for a more powerful debut single, it`s a grow on you song, if you don’t like it on first hearing it.

While the song may not be your punch in the face debut, the video makes up for any short comings the softer touch of the song, may leave some fans feeling.

Overall it`s a solid single, that’s worth getting and the PV shows how you can do a lot with a little. No over done CGI, just everything in it`s right amounts.

The single hit’s the stores on November 24

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