Wednesday, October 27, 2010

AKB48 Beginner PV [U.E.V.]

Updated Oct 31 ,Replaced PV

AKB48 Beginner PV.[U.E.V.]

A lot was said before the release of Beginner about the video being edited and that the original first not being able to be released, then it is only for mobile downloads. After seeing the uncut version, I understand why it was  considered for editing.

When it comes to gore films, it falls short of the classics and I think in a lot of ways it could have been released in it`s original format. There are several "terminations ,they are in a video game" in the video, and the screams in the single comes from when Maeda breaks free of the virtual world and feels real pain.

I can see from a marketing standpoint how small children, could be bothered by the video, however overall there are horror films and the AKB School drama that was much more violent.

In the end, it could be hard   to see their favorite member suffer in this video and given the time of day it would air ,maybe it was best to hold off the TV release and CD release.

 Record label censorship or another brilliant marketing stunt ?You decided.

There is a large amount of posters in Shibuya promoting this single, it is impossible not to know this single is out.

Midday -Some media outlets have the single already past Heavy Rotation midday totals by a lot .

 I don`t want to give numbers yet as everything is subject to change.

View Unedited Video Here [Replaced deleted video]

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  1. The PV was definitely less gory than how I thought it would be, probably just from the hype everyone made it out to be. I guess I could understand how young children might be bother by it. I think for me, the most "violent" scene was when Maeda tore her hand out.

    Still wish I could see this in HD. =/ I really like that scene towards the end where Takamina was walking away and Yuko pulled her back. I don't know if I'm just slow or dense, but I didn't really understand that scene. Nevertheless, I still like it. =]

  2. ^ I think it means that even though there's rivalry and dispute among the members, they actually like each other in the end...

  3. This was touched on in the media after the news came out on the editing of the video.

    The song and PV as mentioned by the writer and director is a symbolic story about the members’ relationship in facing the idol life together.

    The suffering of pain that comes from sharp attacks by anti fans and critics to general hardships. Each member was connected to Takamina who is in fact the glue that holds AKB48 together in real life; she is very involved in the teaching of the younger members and the general workings of the group duties.

    In that role she often has to walk alone , which is why at the end she was the only one still hooked up to the game , but in the end they are all one group facing everything together ,breaking Takamina free , just as she tried to guide them to freedom.

  4. Oh that definitely makes sense. Thanks for explaining. =] Can I blame my lack of sleep for my slowness? XD Anyway, so agree with that. Takamina is totally the glue that holds AKB48 together. She's so amazing. I've never felt such respect for anyone before. (Family members excluded XD even though I kind of want to say I respect Takamina even more than...) I wish I had someone like Takamina in my life. I so want to meet her XD.


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