Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Berryz Koubou "Shining Power" PV and Berryz You Tube Ch.

It seemed like with all the aggressive promoting by the 48 groups and the new breakout groups, that Hello!Project had just disappeared .

Well Berryz Koubou have return to fill that H!P fix with a new single and video "Shining Power" and their own you tube channel.

The PV is your standard H!P dance shot ,that has left H!P fans feeling mixed views of liking the song , but not the video so much. I think a lot of that comes from seeing the rise of the 48`s and the new idol groups and with it a growing fan frustration at seeing H!P slide out of being the measuring stick that the media compares the industry to, along with a feeling of the agency not trying to use the groups to their creative fullest.

Shining Power is a good song , the PV didn`t do much for me , but what did sale me on the song ,was the song and the stand out vocals from Kumai Yurina ,she really nails her parts in this single and manages to stand out . I have always felt that she had a wonderful idol range voice and if you are a fan of Yurina , she will not let you down or will any members of Berryz Koubou , who often make the best of a lesser situation.

If your thinking of getting this single , stop ,it`s worth buying ,so go for it.The single comes out November 10

Also, Berryz Now has a You Tube Channel


  1. I agree with Gaki's reasoning. The video is same old H!P. People are probably comparing this to other idol groups (which is inevitable).
    I went crazy with Yurina being pretty much the center in this. It's so cool when they change things. I loved it for that.
    I really liked this video and the song. Would it be that idol fans are getting sick of the simple dance/close-up shot format? I think that's sad... Close-up shots are my favorite parts... Some idol videos make me so frustrated for having few close-up shots...

  2. only time i was cursing this video was when risako tries to steal the centre from yurina. I'm loving this sing now but when i first heard it and saw the group pic of their costumes for it, i wasn't too keen on it but now, i can see that they've made an attempt to give them sexier outfits and i love how they used chiffon for the outta layer instead of all pvc. Only downer is that they've hidden Maasa and Yurina's legs.

    I hope that with UFA releasing this video 3 weeks before the release date is something hat their going to do with all their artist from now onw because it's getting tiring hearing good songs like this not getting the sales they deserve.

    (sorry for ranting)


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