Thursday, October 28, 2010

AKB48 The Best Ever? Near 600,000 Day 1


AKB48 entered the Oricon daily charts with a first day sales total of 568,095  .The next closest release to AKB48  at #2  sold  14,696  , #3 came in at 4,746 . Morning Musume/Muten Musume came in at #6

It`s not often that you see a release nearly out sale a groups entire catalog of releases in it`s first day.

These numbers actually go much deeper then showing that the gap between AKB48 and Morning Musume has reached the point that Hello!Project will be unable or unwilling to fight to match. It shows that the gap between AKB48 and Arashi is getting smaller .

AKB48  by reaching #1 with 568,095  becomes  the highest selling single day total since Oricon started reporting daily releases .

Currently the best selling single for 2010 is Arashi's "Troublemaker" with 699k ,there is very strong signs pointing to AKB48 passing that total on day two at the earliest .

AKB48 has gone from just a simple Akiba idol group to Onyanko Club respect, mentioned along side the very best in the history of this industry both male and female.

They are changing the face and the standards of JPOP Idol genre for female groups.

 AKB48 are the  current queen's of the  female branch of JPOP Idol genre , they are opening doors for many new groups to be discovered and very little it seems can stop them now from becoming the best female  JPOP idol group in history .


#1 AKB48 112,151  [Total 680,246]
#2 9,922
#3 3,385

Morning Musume/Muten Musume #14

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  1. Yeah, Momusu has been out of Akb's league for some time now... What do?
    Does anyone know how much exactly did Muten Musume sell? 6th place was a bit surprising (I actually thought they would score lower with this single)

  2. Lebird

    Around 3,000-3,500 +/- .There was zero promotions for Muten Musume single. When you go to shops , there are very small areas for H!P goods , it wasn't promoted at all. I don`t even think they produced a lot of CDs to start with.

    AKB48 was just all over the place with ads , it was easy to find their goods.

    Musume`s 44th should do better, then Muten, count it off as a commercial and not a single.

  3. it's kinda funny how H!P refuse to admit that they need to actually do some work in order to compete with Idols now. I'm glad that AKB are getting the sales for this single as they actually deserve the number 1 spot for all the work they have put into it.

  4. Kira
    I do admit that H!P needs to improve so they can compete with akb and other idols!! but I don't blame the girls I blame the producer!! he needs new material. Since im not a fan of AKB48 I really can't give an opinion on this single except that the dancing and singing was not impressive but the video was.

  5. Musume`s sales -Oricon is not counting the limited editions sold at the restaurant. There are two versions there with 3,000 copies each .So true totals could be close to 10,000+

    For H!P fans it`s SKE48 who you need to worry about ,their last single outsold everybody in H!P by 40,000 and their next single is out on the same day as Musume`s 44th and includes 4 songs with PV.

    They are good PV and songs as they started promotions the other day.

    @ Jenny

    There are six different dances for Beginner ,it changes each performance with a different center member for each dance. Some of their concert non-singles have better dances then their singles at times.

  6. @ Gaki
    Thats new!! but I wish I could see them all. Hopefully MM"S 44th single goes well. I loved there b-song rather than the a side. but who knows. I just hope they get some promotion. since it is kamei eri, jun jun, lin lin's last single in momusu.


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