Saturday, October 30, 2010

9nine: Cross Over

[NOV 25 Replaced Video]

9nine [pronounced nine] is a group that was formed in 2006 under LesPros Entertainment and originally consisted of nine junior high school girls. Since their debut release in 2006, 9nine have released two albums, four maxi singles and eight mobile singles.

 They have experience in several media areas such as magazine models, actresses and variety regulars. 9Nine released their first single Sweet Snow on 14 February 2006 and suffered their first member losses in 2007 with the graduation of three original members, while adding two new members.

In December 2007, Kato Rubi was removed from the group after pictures surfaced of her in a relationship with Hey! Say! JUMP member, Takaki Yuya. In March 2009, another three members graduated making eight departures since their debut

Recently they pushed a reset button and made a change of labels and a fresh start as a group.Currently there are five members Yoshii Kanae (17) and Murata Hirona (13) together with the three remaining original members: Satake Uki (18), Nishiwaki Sayaka (18) and Kawashima Umika (16) and on October 11th they started their own TV show on Tokyo MX-TV called GO!GO!9nine .
On December 1 they will release their restart single called “Cross Over” that is currently being used as the ending theme song for the anime “STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Takt.

“Cross Over” was directed by UGICHIN who has directed videos for such artists as Amuro Namie, Aqua Timez, SCANDAL to name a few.

This is a first class video by a young group, looking to head in the right direction after a number of missteps. “Cross Over” is another of the current neo-idol fresh taste songs that is taking the genre in new directions and leaving the old work horse agencies ,scrambling to catch up.

With AKB48 leading the rise of the next generation of female JPOP idols, now is the best time since the mid 80`s or early Morning Musume era, for an idol group to debut or go major. The market is hungry for new fresh faces, groups and ideas.

9nine with their restart are headed in the right direction at last. 9nine are worth a chance and could be  a name on the rise in the years to come.

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  1. 9nine fan reporting.
    Thanks for all that info. This blog is definitely the best source for Idol Industry news. Thanks for writing about 9nine.
    I can totally see the how this comes from a different label. It will take some getting used to... I liked Moe. But the song is awesome and Umika is the best.


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