Monday, October 4, 2010


SMAURAI ROSE is the newest major idol group on the scene .What makes this idol unit so special is not that they all came from various occupations, such as   company presidents, nurses, chefs, homemakers. it`s the fact that of the 40 members that make up SAMURAI ROSE ,the youngest is 34 and the oldest is 58 .

That is right no more wishing that your mother, wife or grandmother were an idol , now she can be.

SAMURAI ROSE made their debut in February and has already had a second generation audition to reach the current 40 member level and on October 6 they will make their next step with a major single debut “Rouge to Martini“ . PRINCESS PRINCESS`S song “M” which they performed in front of 220 fans on October 2 at a major debut party event ,will be the coupling track.

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