Tuesday, October 26, 2010

AKB48 Truck

AKB48 Truck

As the countdown to the release of Beginner is underway, so have the visual promotions started.

In the major cities, there are a number of promotions underway, including huge  posters, video displays and moving truck displays.

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  1. this shows that they are serious about beating Morning Musume and any other artist releasing teir singles this wednesday. It's a shame cos they really don't need to go this far. MM's marteting team have done nothing to promote them.

  2. @Kira
    At this point I don't think they are trying to compete with Morning Musume, but trying to get the biggest sales possible.

  3. ^I agree. They're just promoting it to the general public, which is in fact their public. Wotas don't need much advertising.

    BTW, imagine walking on the street and having one of these trucks drive by. I would die at the spot.

  4. Kira & Yanki, this type promotion started when they moved to their new record label. They pushed hard to establish major visual pockets of support and advertising in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya outside of the traditional wotas. They use to do surprise school mini lives ,female only goods and that helped build a strong and large female fan base, second only to Johnny’s groups.

    At this point, they are not competing with anyone on the female side. Everything they do now is media driven, to stay in the news everyday a larger then life media show .It`s all part of a well planned out strategy.

    H!P has become a wota fan service. As long as they gain a profit off the wotas there will be no desire in H!P changing .

    The answers that you seek are to long and complicated for a comment box, the gaps and differences between the two companies are much greater then CD sales at this point. The mindset of their agencies is focused on much different things.


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