Monday, October 4, 2010

SUPER☆GiRLS Get Major Debut

On October 2, the SUPER☆GiRLS held a special live at Tokyo SHIODOME-AX, called “SUPER☆GiRLS~ShiodomeAX fukkatsu! Surprise LIVE~.” During this live event, the girls were surprised with the announcement of their major debut.

While the members were performing, their staff made the surprise announcement of their major debut being an album, by dropping a banner from the ceiling on stage that said, “Major Debut Decided.”

As you could expect the second that the members of SUPER☆GiRLS discovered the sign, they immediately started crying and hugging each other.

SUPER☆GiRLS Leader Yasaka Saori offered some comments on the news by saying the following “I don’t think I’ve always been the calmest leader, but today I’ve become so emotional. I am just so happy! “Tanaka Mirei who had tears in her eyes added the following remarks “I had just assumed they were never going to make a major appearance”. Birthday girl Shimura Rika doing her best to fight off tears, commented I did not know about the birthday surprise either [members gave her a birthday cake on stage], so with these presents I am very happy. I will try my hardest from here on out!”

The youngest member, Maeshima Ami, said, “I couldn’t even understand it when the debut banner dropped down. Slowly my eyes just started to fill with tears. I will try my hardest for the SUPER☆GiRLS album! “

When asked about future rivals Yasaka and Maeshima announced that, “Everyone is our rival .Miyazaki Rina declared, “From the day we were formed our goal has been to beat AKB48! I think that they are everyone in the idol industry’s goal.

Up next for SUPER☆GiRLS is their first oneman [solo] concert ~Yume no Inryoku“, Harajuku Astro Hall in Tokyo. Followed by a free ticket mini concert tour starting November 3 called, “Itoyokado presents SUPER☆GiRLS Major Debut Kettei!”

“Chouzetsu Shoujo” will have 13 tracks and will be released in three different version:[Type A] is a CD regular , [Type B , C] are two different CD + DVD versions. The CD will contain the tracks “NIJIIRO Star ☆,” “Kizuna Days,” and “Be With You,” songs used in their live performances ,plus ten new songs.

The DVD will feature their debut music video and an audition video that shows interviews with the final members. The limited edition DVD version will come with a ticket to a handshake event, and a random photograph of the group (15 possible ones to collect).

The release date has been set for December 22

SUPER☆GiRLS miniLIVE2010~Yume no Inryoku

November 21st – Tokyo- Harajuku Astro Hall

OPEN 16:30 / START 17:00

Itoyokado presents SUPER☆GiRLS Major Debut Kettei!

November 3rd – Kanagawa – Ario Hashimoto

November 6th – Chiba – Ario Soga

November 7th – Saitama – Itoyokado Misato Store

November 13th – Chiba – Itoyokado Makuhari Store

November 14th – Hokkaido – Itoyokado Hukuzumi Store

November 27th – Aichi – Itoyokado Owariasahi Store

November 28th – Osaka – Ario Otori

December 4th – Tokyo – Ario Nishiarai

December 5th – Tokyo – Ario Kitasuna

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