Tuesday, October 26, 2010

AKB48 Record First Press Store Shipment ?

AKB48 Record First Press Shipment ?

King Records has shipped 1,030,000 copies of the first press edition of Beginner to the stores.

Add this news item on top of a Ninki score of 550.70 and AKB48 are yet again looking at record sales.

To compare the last two Ninki scores

 351.30 Heavy Rotation ------------sold 527,336 week one and is still charting after 9 weeks at 677,034 in total sales. [650,000 was shipped first press]
 260.80 Ponytail to Shushu ---------sold 513,453 week one and is still charting after 21 weeks at 645,498 in total sales

Will the controversial Beginner finally send AKB48 to the Love Machine level of idols?  We will see soon.

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  1. Ah!! Don't take that away from Morning Musume!
    It's all they have left against AKB48. If this happens, I don't think people will have Momusu as a reference to "Idol" as some still have nowadays...
    I buy some AKB stuff and admire how they broke standards for the idol world, but my heart belongs to Hello!Project; can't help it.

  2. It`s going to be close I think .

  3. I love Helloproject and morning musume but AKB48 is coming on very strong~ hopefully they don't sell over a million.


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