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Momoiro Clover: Pinky Jones

[Updated Nov 1 Special Post At The End]

On November 10 ,Momoiro Clover will release a new single “Pinky Jones” .It`s amazing what changing to another record label can do for a group as Momoiro Clover’s costumes keep getting more and more creative.

For “Pinky Jones” someone on staff has been watching American Westerns as the girls are dressed in Native American-inspired costumes .According to the member’s blogs the complex costumes created some difficulties in the video shoot, with headpieces, bracelets flying off and forgetfulness to wear other smaller pieces.

The song is your traditional Momoiro Clover style song, and even if you happen to dislike the song ,which maybe hard to do as it`s a good song the costumes, dance and, video will draw you in. The video is not high cost, yet Momoiro Clover makes the best of it and puts on a spirited performance to complete a video that leaves you pleased with the growth of the group.

Also with the single is another video for “Kimi to Sekai”. In “Kimi to Sekai”, we get another set of costumes and theme .In this video we have Momoiro Clover dressed in leather motorcycle outfits and “bad girl” styled hair.

The 15-second preview offers very little to the final product other then Momoiro Clover sitting on motorcycles eating ice cream.

This single is also different from other releases as this is a triple A-side with the two songs mentioned above and Coco ☆ natsu as the third A-side.

Pinky Jones

Live Version

Kimi to Seki Preview

Full Live Version

Momoiro Clover will be supporting this release with a store tour.
The tour is called

“Momoiro Clover Second Debut Tour Aki no Jin ~Tenka wo Torini Ikuze-! ~“at the following locations.

September 19th – Chiba – Lalaport HMV
September 20th – Kanagawa – HMV Yokohama VIVRE
September 23rd – Kanagawa – Yokohama animate
September 25th – Tokyo – Tachikawa animate
September 25th – Tokyo – Tokyo ishimaru soft
September 26th – Kanagawa – Tressa Store
October 2nd – Tokyo – Tachikawa animate
October 2nd – Tokyo – Tokyo ishimaru soft
October 3rd – Kanagawa – Yokohama animate
October 9th – Tokyo – Tachikawa animate
October 9th – Tokyo – Tokyo ishimaru soft
October 10th – Kanagawa – Yokohama LaLaport HMV
October 11th – Chiba -Lalaport HMV Kashiwa [Updated]
October 15th – Osaka – Tennoji animate
October 16th – Osaka – Nihonbashi animate
October 16th – Aichi – Nagoya animate
October 17th – Aichi -OZON & Spiral [Live House] [Updated]
October 23rd – Fukuoka – Fukuoka Tenjin
October 24th – Kanagawa – Yokohama animate
October 30th – Tokyo – Tachikawa animate
October 30th – Tokyo – Tokyo ishimaru soft
October 31st – Saitama – HMV Moraju Shoubu
November 3rd – Tokyo -Lalaport Toyosu [Waterfront Mall] [New]
November 6th – Tokyo – AKIHABARA Gamers [11:00]
November 6th – Tokyo – Tokyo ishimaru soft [17:30]
November 7th – Saitama – HMV Urawa Misono
November 8th – Tokyo – Tokyo ishimaru soft
November 9th – Tokyo – Tokyo ishimaru soft

11-Tokyo – Tokyo ishimaru soft
12-Tokyo – Tokyo ishimaru soft
13-Saitama Aeon Laketowm
16-Tokyo-Sunshine City
20-Saitama-Shosan Plaza
21-Saitama-Stellar Town


I forgot to mention that starting Oct 9, Momoiro Clover will be on NTV every Saturday Night

NOTE [Nov 1]
Special Version of Pinky Jones and Live Event Here

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