Sunday, October 31, 2010

Momoiro Clover 30 Minute Sell Out

Momoiro Clover 30 Minute Sell Out

Momoiro Clover, are about to step up their venue size.

On December 24, Momoiro Clover will hold their first solo concert hall event after spending their time in smaller locations and in-store lives. The event will be called “Momoiro Christmas in Nihon Seinenkan ~脱皮:DAPPI~”

In an even better sign of things to come for Momoclo , they sold out this important venue to developing idols Nihon Seinenkan in just 30 minutes.

Starting November 10th Momoclo will be promoting their videos through TV Asahi`s Tele-asa douga web site.

The build up to the Nihon Seinenkan concert will be filmed in November for a documentary DVD .

It`s exciting times for Momoclo fans as they are now truly leaving the comforts of Independents and spreading their wings to chase the national idol dream.

Pinky Jones PV with Momoclo skit opening [Extended Version]
A must watch for Momoclo fans

Momoclo Ustream Live Concert From Oct 30.[Recorded]

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  1. FYI, nippon-seinenkan concert hall capacity is 1300++ seat. And yes, 30 minutes sold-out is another momoclo's awesomeness. XD


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