Saturday, October 30, 2010

AKB48 Beginner moves past 700,000 in 3 days

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AKB48 Beginner moves past 700,000 in 3 days

AKB48 “Beginner” continues  it`s impressive run and in only three days taking the top spot for the #1 single in Japan for 2010  by passing Arashi’s Troublemaker who at last count had sold 693,000 . AKB48 impressive three-day total of  742,109, puts for at least one single AKB48 as the top artist for 2010.

With several more days of sales the chances are that this single will reach it`s distribution numbers of 1,030,000

With their rapid rise, you have to think that a shift to major venues such as the Tokyo Dome and possible Outdoor Stadiums is in their future.

However, there is one other thing to consider, have AKB48 with “Beginner” set the bar so high that the first time front girls for the 19th single cannot live up to expectations it will bring to top this single?

What will they do next to continue their record breaking rise?

AKB48 Recent TV appearance

Music Station Pre Show


Performance [features AKB in hoodies and Miichan w/Glasses and great camera work]

Happy Music Performance [Yuko Center Formation,Hoodies and Miichan w/glasses]

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  1. I think the 19th single will do fine... I'm sure they will make something very cool out of it. I'm hoping for a happy idol song. All singles that had to do with member selection were cool. And I bet it will also have several b-sides and PV's (with other members) so it pleases everyone, and they might add photocards and etc. to help on sales, well w/e, I have it on pre-order already.

  2. Lebird, I agree I think because of it`s importance they will do a lot to make sure it does well and give it strong coupling tracks and promotional events.

  3. Hi, I performed dance”AKB48” at wedding party.
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    AKB48 has something attractive.
    Thank you.


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