Monday, October 11, 2010

Beginner To Be Banned From TV?

Beginner To Be Banned From TV?
Word coming out of AKB48`s karaoke fan  event [AKB members did karaoke for fans] on the 10th is that the highly waited for “Beginner” PV has been banned from TV in it`s original version.

Given AKB48`s widespread appeal and standing in the industry ,the video and DVD have been determined as possible bad influences to their younger fan base.

It seems that some feel that the video may result in little children acting out the violence in the PV and possibly injuring someone or themselves.

The TV PV and DVD will be edited down to a dance version of the video and a making of DVD with the edited versions of the PV included in the CD packages.

[If you ordered the CD, the PV/DVD would be the edited version, not you one you paid for]

The unedited version will not be available for sale and may also be banned from airing at live events.

Given that AKB48 staff has a history of pranks as a marketing tool, one can not rule out anything here .
I am feeling like this is a publicity stunt, created by AKB48 staff and the label to create a "sales controversy" for the media.

More updates as more details are released.


  1. Wait. . . would that mean that I will never see the actual original even after I preordered the Limited Edition! NOOOOOO!

  2. Yanki, My understanding is that all CD and TV versions are being heavily edited and that the original PV cannot be sold with the CD or aired. They would have to re-shoot the ads as well. All CD versions and the TV version will be the dance version; the virtual battle game world has to be removed.

    No mention of what would happen with the PV that we were expecting to come out any day now.

    Their drama was more violent then what this PV is to be as is some other things on the market .This PV was directed by a famous film director, so I would not be surprised if this is a publicity stunt.

    With two weeks before the release, what better way to get the single in the press then “creating a controversy” for the media to talk about, then the “leaking” of the “directors cut” or a bonus DVD to sell?


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