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Anti-Fans Force Idol To Quit ?

Anti-Fans Force Idol To Quit ?

A lot has been said about Morning Musume`s newest 9th gen member Ikuta Erina being a fan of AKB48 and how it has created an anti fan base.

The childish attitudes of anti-fans has struck again and caused another idol to give up her dreams, this time they have “driven out” the sub-leader of Momoiro Clover Hayami Akari.

It`s really no secret that she had the smallest fan base of the members ,for whatever the reasons Akari struggled to gain fans at the same rate of the other members and her self-esteem seems to have suffered to the point that she is giving up her dreams of being an idol at 16 years of age.

When you see the words written in her blog, you can see how much this has broken her down .Akari uses words such as feeling guilty and that she is just an unnecessary member of the group.

Akari formally told Momoclo fans last night at a fan event. Akari told Momoclo fans that she was not good enough to be an idol .Akari explained while crying, “My personality is not suitable to be an idol, and I was thinking that I should not be in ‘Momoclo.’ There was also a time when I had disliked ‘Momoclo.’ Akari did make it clear that she loves Momoclo and this decision was very painful to her to make.

Momoclo leader Momota Kanako also spoke and said the following “I have no words to say. To be honest, I really wanted to aim for ‘Kohaku’ with these six members. However, Akarin’s life is hers. All we can do is to support her with all our hearts.”

Akari will officially graduate after promoting their upcoming single on April 10 at Nakano Sun Plaza.

Being a parent of a girl who is in a field of entertainment ,I can say that I have zero respect for anti-fans .They are childish and do nothing for any industry with posting hateful comments on a celebrity's blog ,showing disrespect to them in public . So everyone forgive me when I say that they are the worst kind of fan.

When you play with the emotions of a young girl, who only wanted to be a singer and dancer. To entertain others with her smile and talents, you damage not only a little girl, her family, but also the members of her group.

Whatever her reasons ,it does not take a lot to figure out ,that her spirit is broken ,that this is much deeper then a girl ,who just decided that she would just stop being an idol.

Anti fans think that posting dislike for an idol or celebrity, is ok and that no one gets hurt.

Well people get hurt and for whatever the reasons, they give up their dreams.

Warning: If you get very emotional, or if Akari was your favorite member, this maybe hard to watch.
[Up-date the video has been removed .It was Akari telling her group and for 21 minutes the group cried ]


  1. Anti fans stink. thats all i can say. i know i've been bad about some of the comments i've made in the past about some idols but i've either kept it to my self or kept it on my blog but i will never post anything harmful onto an idols blog. making her give up her dream is rotten and wrong. she's spent most of her teenage life working up to this all for some idiots to destroy it.

    she wasn't my favourite member, in fact i didn't really have a favourite member yet cos i'm still getting to know them. i hope that she's alright and than she'll find a new dream and i hope that they all stay in touch with each other. i wish her all the happiness for her future.

  2. @ Kira, I wish the video were still up myself, so everyone can see just how hurt she was. I think it would explain better why I said what I did in the post. It will make you mad as you watch it.

    The anti-fans that I am talking about are the ones who attack idols in a way that any decent person would not write.

    I just hope what I wrote in the post was not to angry to read ,as I hinted in the post I have good reason to dislike anti fans and seeing that video before posting ,it touched a few nerves .

    I could have written a simple press release type post, but after seeing that video with them in a conference room and how hurt everyone was, I felt that I needed to say what I did.

    By the way, I enjoy reading your comments, so comment as much as you like. One of the reasons that I decided to blog in English and not Japanese was to have this type of blog community.

    i love akari.....
    my 2nd fav of momoclo ~~~!!!! >_< T_T

    normally i tell people just to ignore the antis...
    though this is just something u cant neglect...

    the antis are getting worse
    im pissed right now...
    this is making me hate people more than i already did...

  4. you know, i saw a few idols blog and they totally blog about how they bought this other idol group cd and they are friends with other girls in the bsns. then why so much hate from some people? is nonsense.

    i can understand that maybe you don't like a lot how the girls sings or dance or whatever but start attacking directly is something awful. why so much hate? can't they learn anything from their idols that try their best to promote happiness?

    btw the fact that she is just barely a kid make it all worst, in fact is very wrong... i'm starting to think that japanese fans are very weak.

  5. Akari was my favorite Momoclo. I didn't hear anything about antifans or anything because I'm just a casual fan but T_T.

    I hope her dreams come true one day.

  6. 95% of all wotas are good people .In my private life one of my close family friends was a wota before he settled down to start a family. These 95% good wotas, who are kind and devoted to their idols. They would walk to the four corners of the earth to make their idols dreams come true ,if they could ,they wipe away every tear by taking on her pain ,so she could smile if that would help.

    It`s that little % that ruins it .They may feel that so and so idol is keeping their idol down ,so they make it their goal to get that member out ,so that their idol can move up and in their eyes become more popular.

    In that video Akari was not an idol wanting to go to school or something, she was hurting and at times struggled to talk and breathe. She looked and sounded like a young girl that could not take anymore, felt less then the other members.

    Whatever is troubling her, it was a lot .As sad, as this is to say, I would like to see her walk away, then run the risk of being another Okada Yukiko.

  7. This breaks my heart....♡ Akiri was my oshi in the group.... When will people learn to be courteous. You don't have to love every idol you meet but you do have to remember that they can read comments too...

    I don't know what to say. I feel like crying now. Akarin is my favorite member, and she is the reason why I'm even into Momoclo at all :OOO
    She has such a funny, goofy personality, and she is really very pretty :((
    I'll miss her greatly </3

  9. i love akarinnnn

    this is so sadddd

    i didn't know abt this anti-fan sake bfore, it's really break my heart

    she the first member i notice and started liking to know this band more

    and i really like them more and more T3T

    any gambatte akarin and will cheer you and Momoclo still

    ps. the video are gone

    sorry that my english is not good but i try too nee

  10. For everyone who didn`t get to see their live fan events

    For whatever reason at live events she always had the shortest lines and it was easy see at the lives by everyone , that she was the least popular member. She hinted in her announcement that fans played a part in her decision.

    It`s really sad because she was so kind and caring and a good performer.

    She is everything that you would have wanted to support to me.

    Nuizzz, your English is good don’t worry

  11. I also want to add that with Akari gone, all the girls left are the cutesy type. I felt that Akari added flavor to the group. I'm not sure how I will like the group without her :(

  12. and no narrating lines anymore...
    her voice when she was narrating in the songs was awesome...

    i was amazed when i heard it for the first time...

    also i once watched the webstream of momoclo.. with akari and reni..
    akari was really awesome.. funny.. cute.. :o

    sad people missed that ... >_<

  13. Akariiiiinnnnn


    Oh God, why?! Why did this happen!!!? I have read the reasons but I just don't understand!

    Someone make this nightmare stop!!!


    Any chance of getting another link to the vid? I totally missed it!

    I love Akarin so much that I am gonna savour the bitter sweet feelings this vid will induce in me!

    So please, a link?

  14. If I come across the video again, I will for sure repost it.

  15. No!!!!!! Akari was my favorite memberT_T She's the cute and cool one!! Why does she have to go!?!?!?!

  16. Got here from intlwota. Don't really know who Momoiro Clover are, so I went and Googled a bit on them.

    I don't think its just the anti-fans to blame. Just about every idol out there has them. Even the extremely popular Acchan of AKB48 is no exception. Haters gonna hate. Nothing one can do about it except soldier on for your actual fans. Part and parcel of being an idol.

    Seems her merchandise hardly sells and blue glowsticks (her official color) were a rare sight at their performances. She didn't merely have anti-fans. She just didn't have a fan base to balance out the negativity.

    You can ask the fans to stop hating, but you cannot make them like a particular girl just so that they can stay in the group. Its their money, its their decision how they want to spend it. At the end of the day, this is what actually counts. The idol industry is still a business after all.

    For every girl that makes it, there are countless others who try and fail. Sad, but inevitable fact of the idol industry.

  17. This is so unfair! Akari did not deserve this. She made up a big part of MomoClo--her voice / rapping skills made their songs so distinct and different from the others. I love her a lot! Anti-fans need to stop this. But she already made her decision ... I hope the antis are happy. Another good idol has left because of their childish acts. :(

  18. Yossie from the old Morning Musume wasn't she like the tomboy of the group,isn't Akari kinda like that? well, what I want to know is did Yossie have anti-fans too? and was she popular?. Because, if so then I really do not understand why people would dislike Akari so much ):.

  19. I'm sorry!!!LOL I made a mistake in my comment >.<. What I mean is that if Yossie DIDN'T have any anti-fans and if she was very popular, then why do people seem to dislike Akari so much...^.^

  20. IMHO, it's not like Akari was disliked. It's just that by comparison with the others she just _appears_ to have less supporters. I believe it is the fear of elimination on her part that gave her a lot of pressure. Parts and parcel of being in showbiz, i guess....


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