Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kikkawa Yuu Debut Press Conference Recap

First, let me apologize for not covering it when it broke, At times other life things will come first.

Kikkawa Yuu Debut Press Conference

Newly graduated from Hello! Project Egg, Kikkawa Yuu has announced that she will be making her official major solo debut with Universal Records [She is not changing management or agency companies ,just her distribution deal is with Universal].

At a press conference yesterday Yuu announced that her debut single will be released on March 30 and her single will be titled “Kikkake wa You!” (The reason is You!).

Yuu`s press conference was not only attended by the members of the press but 100 fans who registered through her support site. Both Up-Front and Universal left no detail undone as the press conference had a feel of a gala event, complete with Yuu in a white dress with a gold folding screen background.

Two other major news events came out of this event as Yuu announced that she will have a documentary film released during Golden Week , called “Kikkake wa YOU!” . The film will cover her rise to her official debut.

Yuu will also be the opening act for the Universal Studios Japan “Universal Dream Live 2011″ concert series from March 19th to 21st.

For the enjoyment of everyone in attendance Yuu put on an apron and started the event by dicing cabbage, to which she told the crowd “A nice cabbage, huh. In the mornings, I have to do this,” and proceeded to turn the cabbage while slicing. All that remained was the cabbage’s core, causing the crowd to start laughing and giving Yuu supportive applause.

Yuu was asked if she had told anyone about her debut, before today’s event, Yuu said “My mother. She congratulated me.” Yuu mentioned that this debut single is a special treasure to her and is looking forward to her fans singing together with her. Yuu mentioned that she would like to grow in popularity and someday perform in the Tokyo Dome.

When asked about her goals and rivals ,Yuu made her declaration very clear .Announcing that she looks up to “Moritaka Chisato and Matsuda Seiko” and plans to grow strong enough to target company members Morning Musume and Matsuura Aya, while becoming AKB48’s Itano Tomomi solo rival. Yuu said this about Itano “We’re about the same age, so I hope as rivals we can make the age of solo idol singers exciting.”

After ending the press conference by singing her solo debut, Yuu was asked about her feelings. Yuu said, “I’m nervous. I woke up this morning at 4:44 so I thought that it would be an unlucky day. I’m relieved that ended without incident.” She evaluated her cabbage dicing performance, “I was nervous, so I’d give it 70%,” but for her vocals, Kikkawa smiled, “I was nervous there too but, 100%! But I still have a lot more to grow.”


  1. why universal.... :/
    why not zetima like most of the H!P artists...

    well im really happy with her debut :D
    i like her single titel.. :D clever :D

    and lol
    only MM and ayaya huh xD no mano ? :p

    anyways im excited :D shes got my support :D

  2. YAY!! CONGRATS YUU!!!!!!!! Wait Isn't akb48 in universal??? and I love how 4:44 to her seemed unlucky but way too early for me to get up XD Although im not sure about universal im glad that other labels are interested in H!P STILL :) I can't wait for MM single ohhh whats taking soo looooonnnnnggggg tsunku!

  3. @ Road, Both labels have advantages for the agency and for Yuu.

    One advantage for fans is that her CD comes in four types and each one is only ¥1,000
    In many ways, it would help Morning Musume to leave Zetima and get a fresh look at things.

    When AKB48 changed labels, the promotional budget grew, as did their popularity. Momoiro Clover changed labels and now are able to do a national tour after being just a small Tokyo Idol group.

    Change sometimes brings freshness

    @ Twinheart
    AKB is with King Records.

  4. SDN is in universal.
    I also think it's a good thing she's in another label.
    Yuu's getting such good promotion right off the start. She didn't even release indie singles.
    I'm very excited about this.
    I just didn't like the "tomomi is my rival" part. Sounds like she was told to say that.
    BTW, anyone knows if Tomomi's solo debut is more like an outside project, or it's actually under the AKB48 umbrella?


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