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Ikuta Erina: Yes She Is And It`s OK

Ikuta Erina: Yes She Is And It`s OK

Many anti-fans gave one of the newest members of Morning Musume Ikuta Erina a wide range of hateful comments on fan sites after it was discovered that she was a fan of AKB48.

Personally I think anti-fans of any group or person is childish, it`s OK to not like any group and support only one group, but to wish harm or failure on any artist is childish.

Truth is Erina like most girls her age is a fan of AKB48 . Some H!P wotas would like everyone to believe that there is a big rivalry between H!P/Morning Musume and AKB48 ,the only rivalry is in the mind of these fans. Many members of H!P are not only very close friends with members of AKB48 ,they also attend school with members and both companies have members that are fans of each other.

Sayu is one of the biggest idol wotas in H!P and maybe all of Japan and if it`s OK for Sayu ,it`s OK for Erina.

Before Erina joined Morning Musume ,she had the chance to meet the idols that her and her class members supported. Now as a member of Morning Musume ,these same class members will be supporting Erina to do her best as an idol as a member of Morning Musume.

If you go to 6:37, you will see Erina and class members being interviewed after attending an AKB48 handshake event. Erina mostly cries ,it`s cute seeing her in her pre-idol days as just a school girl fan .

Erina recently has shown her feelings for being a member of Morning Musume.
On Bijo Gaku, she said this about Sayu.

She said, "That Sayumi put her microphone in front of her while they were singing Tomo, and that it made her really happy."

Risa made a blog post on our newest idol and Musume.
Ikuta Eripon..
Fukuoka sweets ..
At the end of the LIVE, she came in the dressing room and gave us these!
Thank you ,they are yummy

There is a hidden idol under the outer shyness that currently is Erina and I think we will see many great things from this newest Musume in the years to come.

Risa and  Erina.


  1. I think Sasshi may be a bigger wota than Sayu is. I should of seen this coming when I heard the comment that she was a big fan of AKB on her blog.

  2. I forgot all about Sasshi ,now thinking about it you maybe right there . I didn`t even think about her Mina.

  3. Seriuosly fans need to chill!! I mean I honestly don't like that fans are writting hate comments on her... I mean she's just a girl and this could affect her. Erina Gambare!!!

  4. She has growing support as well ,it`s not a big number of antis.It`s just the small circle of childish ones who can`t accept that there can be any other loved idols outside H!P .I think she will earn a lot of support as she starts to work with Morning Musume.

    A number of H!P wotas also support other idol groups. Every idol has pro & anti wotas, just how it is.

    I have no problems with it ,I enjoy all female idol groups in the genre.

  5. She is sooooooooooooooooooo cute. I'm loving her even more now after see that. make me wonder how much she cried when she found out that she's a member of MM

  6. lol xD somehow xD
    i think the comments.. are idk.. understandable ?
    i get why they do it..
    but well ofcourse they shouldnt be doing it... :/

    me too wasnt too fond of it... :/ but well..
    guess i just have to accept it..

    and yeah sayu is like one of the biggest wota... sure erina can be as well..

    hmzz.. erina is in momusu now.. so i will support her no matter what...
    and the fact that shes an AKB wota... i just have to deal with it...
    theresnt much i can do bout it can i... :/

    erina will be fine...

  7. so what if she likes AKB stuff??? Aichan pimps how much fangirl she is of korean groups and i think no one hates her for that... i mean PLZ all this AKB vs H!P is only on the mind of this certain kind of wotas.

  8. Why does it matter if she is a fan of AKB? There is no malicious rivalry, instead its more respectful about what each group has done individually. I started as a fan of H!P then became a fan of AKB also. Yukirin was H!P egg. There was a member on Honest Chess that said she wanted be a member of H!P. I will say that H!P go through more training before being released as part of a group. While AKB its very hard to be noticed individually. Even sub branches start at 1/15 members within 1/3 subgroups within 1/3 (Soon to be 4) Groups.

  9. at the time of the auditions ,some H!P wotas did not like the fact that she liked AKB and suggested that she only auditioned because she could not get into AKB. The video showed her pre idol days at an AKB fan event and was in reference to people having a problem with it.

  10. Is she also a fan of Nogizaka46 though?


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