Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Backstage Pass Joins Idol Genre with Its Own Group

AKIHABARA Backstage Pass an idol café filled with new idols and idols from Indie Idol groups, under the watchful eyes of producers & cafe owners Tsunku [Hello!Project, Nice Girl Project] and Chiyomaru [Co-Producer of Afilia Saga East and related café`s and Steins; Gate, ] are launching their first idol group from the café .

Bakusute Sotokanda Icchoume will make their debut on August 1st The group will have a sort of election style membership as the girls have been earning points while performing and working at the café and the related TV show. The group also has the chance for international flavor as some of these indie idol groups affiliated with the café have members who are ½ Japanese.

If your pretty familiar with the different Indie Idol groups and with the Possible who are all part of the cafe ,you can get an idea of who may make up this line up here as currently there are 80 girls affiliated with the cafe.


For example this girl is a member of the group Apple Tale

If you have never seen the café or the girls ,they have a TV show each week that you can find on Tsunku`s TNX Channel on Youtube  as it is uploaded after the broadcast.


  1. mostly they points from this month decides the girls that are appearing in the cover... but is it sure if the other idol groups are part of this? or just the regular cast at the cafe? ... is the same, i just hope Kaotan and Momokyun are in the cover

    1. @ Shura -I`d say this is for the ones not in groups as Tsunku said the point of the cafe was to create new idols ,from girls who dream of being idols.

      The girls in groups are in active schedules with their groups and companies ,so time could be an issue.

      But one can dream of the possibilities of a 80 girl super Indie idol group


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