Wednesday, May 23, 2012

hy4_4yh Yuke Yuke GOGO Onnanoko!!

hy4_4yh is one of my favorite groups to see live and the best way to describe them is the following .If BiS is in the land of idol darkness ,then hy4_4yh is over the hill and across the valley in baka land, but in a good way that you just can`t get enough of.

This rock based idol group, takes nothing serious, they don`t really dance and vocally they may not be the best, but they are just themselves. Honestly being themselves works for them perfectly and you find yourself getting caught in their charms.

The thing that makes them great is like BiS there is nothing traditional about them ,if they want to do a live wearing pajamas and fuzzy slippers ,they will . If they want dress up as farm animals or pandas they will.

The only guarantee that you have with one of their lives is that you’re not going to forget it.
Recently they have released a single PV for Yuke Yuke GOGO Onnanoko!! And while they have been around [started in 2006] and have other releases, making a PV for TV release was not on top of their, to do list as this is the “ah we will get around to it one day idols”.
Sadly the PV gets axed by the video channel when it`s on YouTube, so here it is on an alternate site

Yuke Yuke GOGO Onnanoko!! PV

Other videos and image looks

TV short

YouTube channel



  1. OH MY GOD these girls are so wonderfully derpy!<3333 Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Yeah ,but you just love them so for it.


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