Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Idol Unit: Lil Cumin

If I was to write about every new group that starts each day, i`d never sleep, so I pick and choose and today I picked this group.
That group is Lil Cumin [リル・クミン]. Time to spice up the genre with this new entry that was created in December through auditions on Tokyo MX-TV in which 2,600 girls auditioned .On June 27 they will release their debut single with a free admission live show and a CD buy entry handshake event.
The concept of this group is girls born to be idols and a certain photo look was desired to cash in on the popularity of picture books.

I think this group will have a shot of being the next big thing as there is a heavy media blitz about them over the last few days


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  1. It's really a catchy song!

    I just want to point out that cumin (クミン) is a plant which seeds are used as a spice.

    The romanization in combination with the agency's name, Sure Shot Entertainment, might create a wrong associations... ;-)


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