Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekly Poll #2

It's Monday again, which means it's time to view the results of the weekly poll!

The Question was: How many J pop or idol CD's do you buy every month?

I changed the question a bit, but It was submitted by I ♥ Miyoshi Ayaka. 
I Miyoshi Ayaka has an awesome blog that I read on a daily basis. In his blog, he writes about groups such as Sakura Gakuin, Ebichu, Primmzy, Girly Chou, and much much more! I suggest that you check out his blog if you like any of these groups!

You can't see the results in the screenshot, so I didn't do one.

 It depends on how many releases the groups I follow have that month is the winner of the poll. It got 34% (18 people). This is the choice that I choose and it makes perfect sense.

I don't buy them, I download them freely from other sites came in second with 23% (12 people) I'm surprised! I didn't think anyone would pick this. Well, the polls are anonymous anyway!
But I don't blame people. Japanese CD's are already expensive. because their imported, they get even more expensive! Sometimes It costs $50 just for 1 CD because I fee's.

That's why I don't understand why people illegally download music from their own country when they can just walk into a CD store and buy it. For me, however, I like jpop, which means that I have to order it online.

5 or more came in third with 21% (11 people). It's cool to know that people buy 5 or more CD's a month regardless of other factors!

None came in fourth with 11% (6 people).

5 or less came in fifth with 7% (4 people).

I prefer digital downloads as opposed to CD's came in last with only 1% (1 person). I was also surprised about this! I think digital downloads are less space consuming and If you use itunes, like H!P does, it's so much cheaper than a CD. I buy half of my H!P music from itunes. This is a wonderful solution to those on a tight budget.

In total, 52 people voted! This was way more than the last poll.

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Weekly poll #3 is up, so vote!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog. I chose "It depends on how many releases..." because it's the truth. I completely understand wanting to download stuff for free. On the other hand, if that's all you do then you can't really call yourself a fan. If you don't buy an actual CD from one of your favorite groups, then you are not supporting them like you should. CD sales count towards making your favorite groups popular, and the more CDs sold the higher your group will chart. If no one buys a CD, then your favorite idols will never know they have fans. I know some people have a limited income, and can't buy everything (I can't), but you should choose a group you really love and buy at least one CD from them every so often. Your favorite idols thank you for this! ;)


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