Saturday, May 26, 2012


You know the drill by now

It`s BABYMETAL Time ,in English ,Japanese and Subtitles
Enter the mosh pit of Chaos, with fox fingers [the hand symbol they make] we shall rock


  1. I won't be very popular saying this, but the man who interviews BABYMETAL is not one of my favorite people. He is a magazine editor who has worked on U.S. anime magazines, a couple of which have ceased being published. His interest in anime is mostly violence and sex series, and not cute shows like magical girls series. Furthermore, I am upset that Sakura Gakuin do not get mentioned even once. BABYMETAL is a subunit, and Sakura Gakuin is the main group. BABYMETAL would not even exist if Sakura Gakuin hadn't formed, so all BABYMETAL fans should be grateful for this. Unfortunately there are so-called "fans" who only support BABYMETAL and not Sakura Gakuin. This is sad, since BABYMETAL themselves would be ashamed to hear that some of their fans are so close-minded and they are not supporting them in their main group. I like Sakura Gakuin, BABYMETAL and Karen Girl's, all of which feature Nakamoto Suzuka on vocals. I sure hope there are others who are also supporting all three groups, and buying their CDs, and not simply buying (or downloading for free) BABYMETAL products.

    Thank you if you read all of this. I just wanted to get this off my chest.

  2. This will not make you feel any better but BABYMETAL are getting more popular than their main group.

    They have been in Heavy Metal music publications around the world since their first PV came out .They have a buzz in the JRock musicians community as well.

    Anyway feel free to vent anytime the genre frustrates you ,H!P up to recently made me do it often,lol.


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