Friday, May 25, 2012

AKB48 Opens Member Elections to World

Not long after AKB48 shipped 2 million copies of their  new single to stores and then sold almost 1.2 million in one day, the group has opened their general election to the world.

Included in this move is a chance to watch the rankings announcement in Tokyo.

AKB48 with Google+ is giving you the chance at “AKB48 Grand Prix Search for the #1 Fan.
Between now and May 28 you can leave a message for your number one girl in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian.

Winners will have a chance to visit Tokyo, attend the elections as an official AKB48 General Election reporter and will also receive a thank-you video message from their favorite member.

Please go here to take part and remember you only have until May 28, so you must not wait around, if you want to take part in this.

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